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“Written Attraction” is part of a bigger project I currently (semi) completed for my Info-graphics/systems class.  I decided, since I am an avid chubby chaser, that I would make my topic about fat people, “obese.”  I felt that I wanted to convey a different outlook on chubby people than most students and professors have not seen before.  So, I created a website and a video to go on the website.  This is the video component, where I draw on my friend Charlie’s body to show areas of attraction and emphasis his features that are beautiful.

Here is a segment from a psychologist that hit’s my topic on the nose, and what I want to have as a base in my project.

“As a new, interdisciplinary field of intellectual inquiry, fat studies is defined part what it is not.

For example, if you believe that fat people could (and should) lose weight, then you are not doing fat studies—you are part of the $58.6 billion-per-year weight loss industry or its vast consumer base.

If you believe that being fat is a disease and that fat people cannot possibly enjoy good health or long life, then you are not doing fat studies.  Instead, your approach is aligned with “obesity” researchers, bariatric surgeons, and public health officials who declare “war on obesity”, and the medico-pharmaceutical industrial complex that profits from dangerous attempts to “cure” people of bodily difference.

If you believe that thin is inherently beautiful and fat is obviously ugly, then you are not doing fat studies work either.  You are instead in the realm of advertising, popular media, or the more derivative types of visual art-in other words, propaganda.”

-Marilyn Wann


This is the ideo of the stop motion, (incomplete)  Soon to be refined.

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bear nutt

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Got any more of this guy sucking cock? He is from San Diego

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Masturbation Motivation! ~ JackenMan


Masturbation Motivation! ~ JackenMan

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